Quick Use Forms

Accessing your intake forms is very simple and easy with our Quick Use Forms option.

Quick Use Forms will let you open any of your Lawmatics custom forms from the orange plus sign quick add menu found in the top right of your page.

This feature is very easy to enable. Start by going to your firm settings page, gear icon near the top right corner, then select Firm Settings from the options on the left. You will see an option for Quick Use Forms at the bottom of the top section on this page.

Click the settings gear for this section (near the top right of the section) to edit it. Alternatively, click directly on the Quick Use Forms option. You can then select as many of your forms as you would like to be added to the quick add menu. Once you have made your selections, click save.

Now, hover over the orange plus sign in the very top right corner and you will see the forms that you’ve selected visible in that menu. Click on the form to open it in a new tab.


Does a form need to be internal to use as a quick use form?

No, you can select from any of your custom forms, internal and external alike, for your quick use forms.

Can I use a quick use form for existing matters or will it only create new matters?

A quick use form can be utilized for either purpose. If you are using the form to update existing matters, we suggest making that form internal, and then you will have the option to select from existing matters to fill the form for.