Automation Overview (Video)

**Note: Some new features have been added since this video was made.

  1. 1:55 - With event automations, you can now trigger automations on the actual appointment being created, rather than a pipeline stage. You will see the Appointment Created trigger when you are editing the entry conditions of an automation.
  2. 3:40 - You no longer need to use a custom field for your event date/time. We have built in Event Fields which you will see in the email builder. These fields will automatically merge in the event information.
  3. 8:50 - No need to save automations, they will now auto save.
  4. 9:05 - You now have the option to select if you want the automation to run on all matches, or on future matches only. If you select future matches, it will only run on targets who meet the entry conditions moving forward.