Documents vs. Signatures (Legacy)

When you hover your mouse on the Assets tab at the top of your screen, you will see two different sections pertaining to Documents/ESignatures.

If you are a new Lawmatics user, you will will always use the Documents section create any documents, including esignature documents. You will not sue the Signatures (Legacy) section whatsoever.

If you have been with Lawmatics for some time, you may have already created signature templates using our legacy esignature platform, if that is the case, you can still access those in the Signatures (Legacy) section under the Assets tab.


This is where you will find all of your pre-existing PDF uploaded signature documents. There are specifically the documents that you uploaded as PDFs and turned them into signature documents via the legacy HelloSign interface. They will continue to be sent through HelloSign, as opposed to Lawmatics' own e-signature platform. At some point, we may deprecate this functionality and you will need to recreate those documents as Lawmatics native PDF signature documents.

If you have previously created Lawmatics custom documents, those will now exist under the Documents section.

It is strongly recommended to not create any additional legacy signature templates, since this feature is no longer maintained. Instead, all of that functionality can be found in the Documents section, which contains our own native e-signature solutions.


This is now the hub in Lawmatics for all things documents. If you are a newer user, you will likely have all of your documents here. 

You can create 3 types of documents here, all of which can also have esignatures added to them. Microsoft Word, PDF and Lawmatics Custom Documents. This page will also have a list of all the signature requests that you have sent via Lawmatics. You will see a status of the request and status for each individual signer. You can also download a copy of the document from this list. 

All new documents, whether PDF upload, DOCX, or Start Fresh, should be created on this page.

Again, if you are newer to Lawmatics and do not have any documents created on the Signatures(Legacy) page, then you can simply disregard that section.


Do I need a HelloSign or DocuSign account to use Esignature in Lawmatics?

No! All esignature functionality can be done directly through your Lawmatics account using our various document options. There is no need for any third party esignature accounts or integrations.

What will happen to any documents that I have already created in the Signatures (Legacy) section?

You can continue to use those documents just as you always have. We will alert you if anything changes.