Creating a Phone Intake and Web Form

Creating a Phone Intake and Website Contact Form

1.      Navigate to Custom Forms section of Lawmatics


2.      Click on “Create New Custom Form” in the upper right


3.      In the popup, give the form a name, under “Form Type” select “Matter”, turn on “Internal Use” for your Phone Intake, and leave it off for you Website Contact Form.



*Internal forms can only be used by users in Lawmatics and external forms can be used by users and matters. You will want to use the internal option for your phone intake form so you can have access to some internal fields such as scheduling an appointment directly from the intake form. Click here to learn more about internal and external forms.


4.      Click “Create”

5.      Drag and drop the fields you would like on your forms using the field options on the right of the screen.

6.     Make certain questions conditional (optional)

Click on the field you would like to be conditional, turn on “Conditional Logic”, and then select the field this question should be conditional on.*You can only make a field conditional on a “Picklist” or “True/False” field. Click here to learn more about making fields conditional in forms.

7.      Save Form

8.      Make your “Phone Intake” a “Quick Use Form”

To dive deeper into custom forms, please click here.