WealthCounsel Integration

Integration Basics
  • The “Authorize” button that users will see within WealthCounsel’s website (from My Practice > Practice Admin > Integrations) will link a Lawmatics user directly to the page where they activate the integration within Lawmatics (and will require them to login if they are not already logged in)
  • The standard Lawmatics fields have already been mapped to the WealthCounsel fields and cannot be modified by the user
    • For fields with specific options in WealthCounsel, we have preprogrammed how it will map
      • Phone (Lawmatics types = Primary, Home, Business, Other)
        • Defaults to Home (for their Primary and Other types)
        • Business will be mapped as Work in WealthCounsel
      • Marital Status
        • Mappings based on current production data (what users have already entered)
      • Suffix
        • Same approach as Marital Status
    • Users can map their matter types in Lawmatics to WealthCounsel and if they don’t, it will default to Estate Planning when pushed
      • This does not act as a filter, just a mapping
  • The integration is triggered by either the “Convert” or “Sync to WealthCounsel” button within a Lawmatics matter
    • It is a manual process and one matter at a time (related contact information for the client will come over at the same time)
      • Data is only pushed from Lawmatics to WealthCounsel (one way)
    • Users could choose to automate the process by building a workflow to sync on conversion
      • There isn’t really a use case for synchronization of all open matters since the point of conversion is when it makes the most sense to push data
    • If a matter is sync’d and already exists, the data in WC will be updated
    • If a new matter is created for an existing client (and you have that client in WC), they will simply create the new matter in WC with that client noted on the matter
  • Error during sync will be shown on the page and the user gets alerted
WealthCounsel Support:
(844) 202-4207