Using Delivery Windows in Automation

Delivery windows allow you to make sure that your important automated emails are only sent to your matters during specified hours.

It's great to send emails, forms, and documents via automation, but sending them during a certain window of time, such as during business hours, can be even more useful to help increase your open rates. This is especially important for documents or other items that require prompt attention from the client or prospect.

Delivery windows can be selected for any automated action items that are sent to a target, either via email or SMS. To set up a delivery window, you'll first go to the Automations page found under the Marketing tab at the top of your page. You will then create a new automation or edit one of your existing.

Once you are editing the automation, delivery windows can be selected on any of the following action items:

  • Send Email
  • Request Appointment
  • Send Form
  • Send Document
  • Request Signature
  • Send SMS
  • Request Files

When you select any of these action items, you will see the usual options on the right side bar, along with the option to "Set up a Delivery Window".

Wait Until: With this option selected, the automation will wait until the exact time you have specified on one of the selected days of the week to send.

For example, if you select 8:00 AM on Monday through Friday as the "Wait Until" delivery window, and the automation runs on a Tuesday at 10:00 AM, it will wait until Wednesday at 8:00 AM to send the item.

Time Window: This option lets you select a window of time. If the automation triggers any time during that window, the item will be sent. If the automation triggers outside of the window, the item will not be sent until the next time the window is met.

For example, you may select 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Monday through Friday as your time window. In this scenario, if the automation were to run on a Tuesday at 10:00 AM then the item would be sent right at that time.

If the automation ran on Tuesday at 6:00 PM, then the item would not be sent until the following morning at 8:00 AM.