CallRail Integration

CallRail is a powerful marketing tracking tool that can be used in conjunction with Lawmatics to log incoming calls and automatically record which of your marketing sources the call is attributed to.

Here are some key features of the CallRail integration:

  • Access to view call log right in Lawmatics
  • Easily create a new matter for a caller or assign the caller to an existing matter
  • Automatic logging and duplicate prevention based on the caller's phone number
  • Automatic marketing source tracking
  • Listen to call recording and log notes on the call within Lawmatics

If you do not currently use CallRail and would like to learn more about how it can be an asset to your firm, check out their website here

Connecting Your CallRail Account to Lawmatics

If you are already a current CallRail user, your first step is to integrate your account with Lawmatics. To do this, go to settings > integrations > CallRail > Connect CallRail.

You will then need to enter in the following information from your CallRail account:

Once you have your CallRail account connected, you will see a phone icon added to your Lawmatics page in the top right, near the search and settings icons. Click this icon to view a log of all of your calls that have into your firm via CallRail.

Call Log

Your calls will be broken into three categories, Unassigned, Assigned, and All Callers. When calls come in, they will need to be assigned to one of your Lawmatics matters. Lawmatics will automatically check the caller's phone number against existing phone numbers in your CRM, and if it finds a match then it will assign that caller to a matter automatically. These will be listed in the Assigned Callers tab.

You will see the caller's number, their name, the location of their phone number, the matter's case title, the matched source (see Marketing Source section below for more information), matched campaign, last call date, and actions.

When a new call comes in and Lawmatics does not find an existing matter with that phone number, then the call will be listed under Unassigned Callers.

Assigning Calls to a Matter

To assign the call to a matter, you will click the person/plus sign icon on the right. You then have the option create a new matter for this caller, filling in any of the listed fields that you know at that time, such as practice area, matter owner, case title etc. You also have the option to assign the call to an existing matter by selecting the blue button at the very top to "Assign Call to Existing Matter".

Once a caller is assigned to a matter, then any future calls from that phone number will automatically log on that matter.

Marketing Source Tracking

CallRail allows you to assign different phone numbers to your different marketing sources, so when someone calls a certain phone number, you know which marketing source they came from. When you integrate CallRail with Lawmatics, you can automatically attribute your new leads to their appropriate sources.

To do this, go to settings > marketing settings, in your Lawmatics account. Click the edit pencil on one of your marketing sources, and then select the CallRail Tracking Number that corresponds with that source.

Repeat this process for any of your marketing sources that have a corresponding CallRail tracking number. You can also assign a tracking number to your marketing campaigns as well.

Once you have assigned the tracking numbers on your marketing sources, then when a lead calls in, the appropriate source will automatically be assigned to their matter.

Additional Actions

When viewing the call log, click the arrow/triangle icon on the far right to view additional actions. 

Click the phone icon under Actions to listen to a recording of the call.

Click the document icon to log notes on the call.