Non-Active Users

Non-Active users allow you to enjoy many of the benefits and privileges that come with a Lawmatics account at a highly discounted rate. It is important to note that non-active users do not have all the same functionality as regular users and you are required to have at least 3 regular users in order to add non-actives.

Non-active users are a good choice for any of your firm's staff members who you wish to send automated emails "from", allow clients and leads to book on their calendar, sync their emails into Lawmatics, but they do not need to actually access anything themself within the platform.

This can be a great option for members of your firm who wish to be a bit more hands-off with Lawmatics or with technology in general. You will still be able to automate processes with them involved, but they will not have to lift a finger or do anything within the platform.

When a non-active user signs into Lawmatics, they will not see the tabs that are normally visible across the top of the screen such as CRM, Marketing, Assets, etc. Instead, they will only be able to access their individual settings, as shown below.

They will be able to upload a profile picture, update their personal details & email signature, sync their email account, sync their calendar, and set their availability hours.

Once they have handled these settings, they will not need to login to Lawmatics again unless any of these settings need updating down the road.

You will be able to select form non-active users anywhere where you would typically select from users. For example, they could be selected as a matter owner, have appointments booked with them, and emails sent to or from them.

To learn more about our current user pricing for both regular and non-active users, click here. If you have questions on your subscription specifically or if you wish to add a non-active user, feel free to email us at


Can I switch a regular user to a non-active user?

Yes, as long as you still have at least 3 regular users then a user can be changed to non-active. Email our support team to inquire about changing a regular seat to a non-active seat on your account.

What role at my firm would typically be suited for a non-active user account?

It depends on the structure and personnel of your firm, a non-active user account may be suited for a number of different business areas within your firm. This type of account is commonly used for attorneys, partners, or upper management at the firm who do not need to be hands-on in the day-to-day lead management. Anyone who needs to be actively viewing matters or making edits within Lawmatics will not be a fit for this type of account.