Lawmatics makes it very simple for your firm's users to log their expenses and bill matters accordingly. To log an expense, start by hovering your mouse on the Billing tab at the top of your page, then select Expenses.

Once you arrive on the Expenses page, you will see a list of all of the firm's previous expenses as well as a button to Create New Expense.

Before creating a new expense, you'll want to create expense types for your common expenses such as travel expense, postage, office supplies, etc. To create activity types, go to your firm's settings (gear icon near the top right) and then select Time/Billing Settings from the left sidebar.

When you are ready to log a new expense, go to the Expenses page and click Create New Expense. You will then see a window similar to the one shown below.

As shown above, you will first need to select which matter this expense is for. It is very important to make sure you have selected the proper matter, because that will allow you to invoice the right client.

You will also select which of your firm's staff members logged the expense. Note that you can log expenses for yourself or on behalf of another staff member.

Next you will select the expense type and write a description for the activity if you would like.

Then enter the quantity of units, the cost per each unit, and select the date of the expense. Lastly, you also have the option to select if this expense is non billable.

Then click Save to log your expense.

Once you have logged expenses, they can be viewed and/or edited on the Expenses page under the Billing tab. When you are ready to send an invoice to a client, you will have the opportunity to include any expenses as well as time entries on the invoice.


Can my assistant log my expenses for me?

Yes, when one of your Lawmatics users is logging an expense they will have the opportunity to select which of the firm's staff members the expense is for. They will be able to select from any of your other Lawmatics billing users.

How do I select whether the invoice for my expenses should go to my firm's Operating or Trust Account? 

After you have logged expenses and/or time entries you will go to the Invoices page to create an invoice for a matter. When creating the invoice, you will select which expenses and time entries should be included on the invoice, as well as which of your firm's bank accounts the funds should go to.