Gravity Legal Integration

To reap all the benefits of Lawmatics' Time & Billing features, you will also need a Gravity Legal account. Among other things, this will allow you to collect online payments directly through Lawmatics.

With Lawmatics and Gravity Legal, law firms can: 

  • Allow clients to pay invoices electronically by clicking secure payment links
  • Automatically apply payments to invoices in Lawmatics
  • Accept payments by credit/debit card or by bank transfer (ACH)
  • Optionally charge credit card fees to the client at the time of payment
  • Pay no monthly, setup or termination fees
  • Get complete pricing transparency -  simple flat rates, so you always know what you will pay

To learn more about Gravity Legal and to schedule a demo, click here.

Once you have created your Gravity Legal account, you will also need to connect the integration in Lawmatics. To do this, go to your settings page (gear icon near the top right), and then select Integrations from the left sidebar.

You will then select Gravity Legal and connect your account. Then you are all set!