Quickbooks Integration

Lawmatics now integrates your invoices directly with Quickbooks. Use this integration to automatically create a customer and invoice in Quickbooks when an invoice is sent to a matter via Lawmatics. 

To begin using the integration, go to your firm's settings and then select Integrations from the left sidebar. Click on Quickbooks, and then connect your account using the guided prompts.

Once your account is connected, you will then need to map your accounts, default types, time entries, and expenses to ensure that pertinent matter data syncs from Lawmatics to Quickbooks. Make your selections accordingly, and then click Save Mapping. Note that you can come back and adjust these any time.

Additionally, you will need to map your payment methods for syncing from Lawmatics to Quickbooks. Select a Lawmatics type from the dropdown, and then select which Quickbook type corresponds, and then click Add Mapping.

Beneath that section, you will do the same for your activity/expense types.

Last but not least, you also have the option to sync past Lawmatics invoices to Quickbooks. If you are brand new to Lawmatics and setting up this integration, you won't need to worry about any past invoices. If you have already been using Lawmatics and now want to start using the Quickbooks integration, then this option allows you to select which past invoices should be synced over to your Quickbooks account.

You are now all set to start using the Quickbooks integration! To sync an invoice, simply send it to a matter through Lawmatics as you normally would, then click the Sync to Quickbooks option as shown below.

A few additional details on this integration:

  • This is a one-way sync, pushing data from Lawmatics to Quickbooks
  • The customer and invoice will be created in Quickbooks, along with any other details you have mapped as shown above, when an invoice is sent to a matter in Lawmatics
  • Operating and trust account must be set up in Quickbooks before connecting the integration
  • The integration only syncs your invoices once they are sent, it does not sync any draft invoices
  • When the customer is created in Quickbooks upon sync you will see "Lawmatics" along with the matter ID added to the last name