Custom Task Statuses

You can now create custom Task statuses in Lawmatics to further organize your Tasks in alignment with your unique operational processes. 
To create a custom Task Status, navigate to the Tasks page from the Settings menu. Add in your task statuses one by one using the button shown at the bottom of the image below.

Edit or delete a status as needed, and easily drag and drop the statuses to change the order of how they will appear in your drop menu for selecting a status.

Any time you are creating a new task or editing one that has already been saved, you will see the option to select from your custom statuses as shown below.

When viewing your tasks dashboard you also have the ability to filter tasks by status.

The image shown above reflects the List view option. If you prefer to view tasks in the Kanban view as opposed to the List view click the layout icon shown in the image below, near the top right, to change views. Then use the Kanban view to easily drag and drop tasks between statuses.