Task Comments and Mentions

To ask questions, request extra information, or offer insight on an open Task, you can now add comments. Each comment is logged within the Task along with the name of the commenter, the date, and time for future reference.

Simply type in your comment and click save and the system will log your comment in a thread on that particular task. It will also keep track of which user left the comment, so when multiple users are collaborating they will all be able to see each others’ comments. 
You’ll also find new notification options for task comments so that you can be sure to never miss an important comment.
User @ Mentions in Task Comments
Want to leave a comment that pertains to a specific colleague? Simply use the @ sign to select any of your users to be tagged in the comment. 

Begin typing the user's name to easily locate them in your list of users, and then click their name to add the mention.

This is a great tool for making sure the correct person doesn’t miss any updates that pertain to them specifically.

Tasks will also log a complete timeline of all activity that has occurred on that task, such as the status changing, priority level changing, due date edited, etc. To view the task activity timeline simply click on the task, either from the tasks dashboard or from the matter profile, and you will see the task activity timeline as shown below.