Advanced Conditional Logic & Filtering

Take your data analysis to the next level by combining multiple criteria using advanced conditional logic in your report and audience filtering. Uncover hidden insights, track trends, and make data-driven decisions by layering both "and" and "or" conditions. 

In addition to reports and audiences you will also find advanced conditional logic available in your automations and custom documents.

Reports & Audiences

Using advanced conditional logic in reports and audiences will look nearly identical, let's use a report for our example here. For this example, let's say you want to filter a report to show matters that have a source of Referrals, and are in EITHER the Business or Elder Law practice area. Create a report and add filters just like you normally would.

Notice how all of your filters have either an "and" or and "or" relationship, you can't give the two practice areas an "or" relationship while keeping the source as "and".

Simply click the button to Use Advanced Filter Logic to create a custom criteria filter. 

Type into the Filter Logic box, shown above, using parentheses to distinguish what fields stay together with the "or" condition.

This report will now show matters that have a source of Referrals, and are in EITHER the Business or Elder Law practice area.


When using the match on fields trigger option you will see the option to set advanced conditional logic in your automations. Just like the example above, use parentheses to designate which conditions should stick together in the OR option.


Likewise, when editing the conditional logic on a custom document you will also see the option to use advanced conditional logic.

Advanced Conditional Logic is your key to consistent and powerful filtering options across the board. Whether you're running campaigns or segmenting clients, this feature gives you unparalleled control.