Using Multiple SMS Phone Numbers

Your firm can now request and utilize multiple phone numbers for sending text messages via Lawmatics. This feature is designed for firms that have a presence across multiple geographical areas, enabling you to select multiple different area codes for your SMS phone numbers. This helps ensure that every client receives text messages from a phone number local to them, giving your communication a personalized touch that resonates. 
Please note that additional fees may apply when you choose to activate multiple SMS phone numbers.
To get started, first email us at and let us know what area code(s) you would like to add on.
You can then go to your Firm Settings page to view your firm's SMS numbers.

Use the edit pencil icon on the far right to give each phone number a label and choose which one is the default.

Once you have multiple SMS numbers enabled, you will then see a new field on all contacts called SMS Number. Use the new SMS Number field to select which number each contact should receive texts from. 

While you can of course manually select the SMS Number on your contacts or matters, more commonly you will use an automation to set it automatically based on their location. For example, you may have a question in your intake forms asking clients which of your various office locations they are working with, and this could then automatically set which phone number they should get texts from. 
And just like that you're ready to start sending messages that feel closer to home for your clients.

Note: Additional fees may apply. Email us at to learn the details and to get started.