PNCs are the foundation of all data in Lawmatics. A PNC is a potential new case, a lead. Follow the steps below to add a new PNC into Lawmatics.

There several places where you can go to add a PNC:

1. Orange quick add button at top right of every screen

2. Create PNC button at the bottom of the PNC list page

Upon clicking either option you will be presented with the Add New PNC screen

Filling out this form is all you need to add a new PNC into Lawmatics. You can attach an existing contact to the PNC from this screen or add a completely new contact.


You can also add a PNC using a custom form. Simply create a PNC custom form and include all the fields that you would like to fill out when creating a new PNC. Now, all you have to do is open that form and fill it out and the PNC will automatically be created with all the data you entered. You can learn more about forms here.

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