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Event Types Overview

Event types are a very important part of Lawmatics. They are very easy to set up and very powerful once active. When creating a new event for a matter or contact, you must select an event type.

Creating Event Types
In order to create event types, simply navigate to the setting page and the select 'Event Settings' from the left side panel. You will see a screen that looks like this: 

By default, Initial Consultation will be an event type already listed for you and ready to use. Creating a new event type is as easy as clicking 'Add New Event Type' at the bottom of the screen and filling out the form.

Fill out the name of the event type and then add a default duration for the event type, if desired. Default duration is a great time saving feature. When creating an event, if you have a default duration for the event type the end date and time for the event will auto fill once you have chosen and state date and time. You can always edit the end date and time on the fly if it needs to be different for that specific event.

Using Event Types
Event types can be used in several locations. The most popular are in creating events for matters and as triggers for automations.

Automations - Event types will appear as event trigger options in automations. This means that you can trigger an automation upon the creation of a specific event type for a matter. This also means that you can create automations that can run at specific days before or after the specified occurrence of that event type.

Merge Fields - When an event type is created, Lawmatics will create several corresponding merge fields that are available in emails and documents. It will create three fields: date of the event type in written out format, date of the event type in number format, and location for the event type.