Custom Calendar Booking Links

Using our calendar booking feature is very easy within Lawmatics. However, sometimes there is a need to include a link to your calendar booking system from outside Lawmatics. For example, you may want to add a link to your website that allows perspective clients to easily book a consultation with you. This is simple with Lawmatics' calendar booking request custom links.

To create a custom link you must first have an event type created for the type of booking that you are seeking to give people access to. You event types are access from the settings page by clicking Event Settings from the left side navigation.

Default Duration

In order to be able to create a custom booking request link for an event type, you must first have a default duration for that event type. You can add default durations by simply clicking the pencil edit icon next to the desired event type.

Getting Link

Once you have added a default duration, and refreshed your screen if you added it at the same time, you will see an additional share icon on the right side of the event type. This icon is highlighted in the image below.

Simply click on that link for the event type you wish to create a booking request link for. Upon doing so, you will see the following options, explained below.

  1. Choose the firm attendees who this appointment will be for. This indicates whose calendar will be pulled in for availability. You can also select more than one firm user. In that situation, we will combine the calendars and only offer times that both users are available.
  2. Choose the location for this appointment. This is helpful if you need to create different links for different office locations. The link you generate will be specific to the location and the firm users that are specified in this form.
  3. This is the unique link that will be linked the specified firm users and location. Copy this link and feel free to place it anywhere you like.

Using the Link

When someone clicks on the link to book an appointment on your calendar, they will first be prompted to enter their first name, last name and email address. If that person already exists in your Lawmatics database, we will link the new appointment to their matter. However, if they don't exist we will create a new matter in Lawmatics for you.