Booking Appointments

Booking Appointments in Lawmatics

Booking appointments with your clients is a key function of your firm that you will be able to streamline and automate with Lawmatics.

The first step in creating appointments is adding your event types. Event types label the different kinds of appointments your firm hosts, and allow you to trigger different automated workflows based on the type of event that is booked.

These event types are internal, and will not be visible to your clients. To give a few examples, your event types could be “Initial Consultation”, “Follow Up Appointment”, “Signing Meeting”, etc. You’ll create these event types in settings, in the Event Settings section.

You’ll also want to add in your firm’s address(es). These addresses will be available to select from when setting the location of the appointment. 

You can add in your address in Firm Settings. First, you will click the Add Address button (pictured below), and then you’ll click Add Location, giving the address a label and selecting it from the list. You may also want to include an option for phone calls/teleconferences.

Once you’ve created the event types and locations, you are ready to book an appointment. This can be done from the calendar (CRM -> Event Calendar) or from an individual matter.

Remember that the appointment name is visible to the client, but the appointment type is not. Make sure to select the location, choose the attendees, enter a description if you wish, and choose the date and time.

You can set any of your users as the firm attendee(s), and if the attendee has synced their external calendar, the event will automatically appear on their synced calendar. Each user can manage their calendar sync in Calendar Settings.

You can also use our Appointment Request feature to let customers book their own appointments based on your availability. These requests can be sent via automation, from the matter, or you can also use our custom booking links found in Event Settings.

Once an appointment has been booked, you may want to have an automation set up to send a confirmation email/text. When you are drafting the email, remember, you can use the Event Fields to automatically merge in the date & time as well as location for the appointment.