Matter Tagging

Lawmatics makes it easy to organize your matters using tags. Tags are a great way to label matters and even trigger automations. 

Please note: Matter tags and Contact tags are different. Contact tags live on the contact and matter tags live on the matter. Contact tags will be visible from the matter details page under contact information. Matter tags will not be visible from a contact's details page. If you add a tag to a matter, it WILL NOT apply to the contact. The same applies the opposite way. If you apply a tag to a contact, it will not apply the same tag to the matter.

Adding tags to matters can be done in two different ways.

1) Matter Details page. 

Simple navigate to a matter, click on Edit in the bottom of the screen, and then you will see a field for Tags under the Matter Information heading.

From here, you can add new tags to the matter AND you can create new tags. Simply begin typing the tag you would like to add then press enter, this will create a new tag in the system and apply that tag to the Matter once you click Save at bottom of screen. 

You can even change the color of a tag from this edit view. Click on the tag and you will be given a color selector as seen in the image below.

2) Automations

You can also add tags to matters via automations. This is accomplished using the Change Attribute action in an automation sequence. In order to apply tags to matters via automations, select the Tags(Matters) field from the change attributes drop down. Then, select the tags that you would like to have applied when this automation action fires. You can also add tags on this screen.