Practice Areas

Setting Up Practice Areas

Practice areas will be used in a few integral ways in your account. They will be used in your automations to make sure that potential clients are getting forms, documents, and email specific to their case. You will also be able to track the number of potential clients entering the CRM by practice area and conversion rates by practice area on our Analytics page.

Please follow the instructions below to add your practice areas: 

1.      Go to your settings page in Lawmatics

2.      Select Practice Areas on the left of your screen

3.      Click the Add New Practice Area button at the bottom of the screen 

4.      Select a practice area from the list or Create Custom Practice Area at the top of the list 

5.      Select a color can click Save



How granular should I be with naming my practice areas? Should I just create one for “Family Law”, or should I have separate ones for “Adoption”, “Divorce”, etc?

Ask yourself whether or not those matters will have any different procedures, and/or if it will be insightful to your firm to track them separately. Do I want to send a different intake form automatically to my Adoption matters vs. my Divorce matters? Will it be useful to know that I had X number of Adoption matters contact my firm this month, compared to X number of Divorce matters? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then they should be separate practice areas.

Certain staff members at my firm only work with specific practice areas, can they filter matters to only see the practice areas that are relevant for them?

Yes, on the Matters page under the CRM tab you will see a funnel icon on the far right column. Type in the desired practice area, as shown below, then click the plus sign on the right to save that filtered view.    



Can I filter the pipeline based on practice area?

Yes, first hover on CRM and select Pipeline. Then click the funnel on the right side of the screen. 

Select your filter based on the desired practice area, and give that filter a name. Then click Save View. 

You can now select this view from the drop down menu, shown below.