Your firm may do business with companies in addition to individual contacts. The Lawmatics CRM makes it easy to differentiate between contacts and companies. 

Contacts are created with a first and last name, and they will contain fields that apply to an individual person, such as birthdate, title, citizenship, etc. On the other hand, companies just require a Company Name to be created in your CRM, and they will only contain company-related information.

You can find companies in Lawmatics by hovering on the CRM tab near the top left corner, and then select Companies from the drop down. You can also use the magnifying glass icon near the top right corner to search for a company and select it from the results.

Below you will see an example of a company profile:

Here we see the company information such as name, phone, and email. We also see a section of Company Custom Fields. These fields can be created by going to your Lawmatics settings (gear icon near the top right corner), select custom fields from the left sidebar, and then select Company Fields from the menu across the top.

Any of your company custom fields will only be visible on the details for companies, as opposed to contacts

In the image above we also see a section labelled Company Contacts. This shows a list of any contacts who are associated with this company. You will see that one contact can be selected as the main Point of Contact by selecting the star icon on the far right. You can also use the trash can icon to remove any company contacts, or use the search bar above to add additional contacts to the company.

When you select the Matters tab on the company profile, as shown in the image below, you will see any matters associated with this company:

Click the Go To Matter found on the right side of the screen to go to the profile page for either of these matters.

To learn more about company matters, click here.


Will company matters still run through my automations?

Yes, company matters can trigger in your automations just like a regular matter would. If the automation is sending anything, such as an email, form, or document, these items will be sent to whoever is selected as the main point of contact on the company.

What if I have two main points of contact at a company?

Only one contact can be selected as the main point of contact, but you can list as many additional company contacts as you would like in the company contacts section. All of the company contacts will be associated with that company, so when viewing the contact profile for any of them, you will see the company name listed as well.