Company Matters

Your firm may sometimes represent a company for a matter, as opposed to representing an individual contact. The Lawmatics CRM makes it easy to differentiate between individual and company matters. 

Individual matters are created with a first and last name, and they contain fields that apply to an individual person, such as birthdate, title, citizenship, etc. On the other hand, company matters just require a Company Name to be created in your CRM, and they will contain company-related information, as well as the company points of contact.

There are several ways to create a matter as a company matter. First, when adding a matter from the orange plus sign shortcut menu in the top right corner, you can select the blue button labelled Add New Company to create a new company matter for a company not yet in your CRM. If you wish to create a new matter for a company that is already in your CRM, then you can search the company name in the Associated Contact/Company dropdown and select them. Both of these options will create a company matter, and both are circled in the image below.

You can also create company matters from a custom form. To use a form to create company matters, you will need to turn on the toggle for Company Matter, shown in the image below.

When you turn on this toggle, you will also need to add the Company Name field onto your form, found in the Company Fields section on the left sidebar shown above. This will of course be the name of the company, and the data populated into the first name and last name fields will be saved as the main point of contact for the company.

When you go to the Matters page, found under the CRM tab near the top left, you can easily distinguish between your company and contact matters. In the image below, notice how some of the matters are listed with a first and last name, while others do not have a first and lat name, but have a company name populated. 

If your firm frequently works with companies, make sure you have the box checked for the company column, shown on the left sidebar in the image above. If you do not typically work with companies, you can feel free to uncheck that box so that you do not see the company column in your matters table.

When you view a company matter's profile, you will notice that it shows the name of the company at the very top of the left sidebar as opposed to the individual contact's name. You will see the company contact name(s) further down on the left sidebar, along with a star icon notating who is the main point of contact.

If you were to send an email, form, or document to this matter, whether via automation or using the Send Email or Form/Document Actions buttons shown in the image above, it will send to the main point of contact's email address. 

In the example above, we see two company contacts, and Gustavo Fring is selected as the primary point of contact. To make changes to the company contacts, you will need to go to the company's profile page. You can get there by clicking the company name near the top of the left sidebar, Pollos Hermanos in this example. You can also search the company name in the magnifying glass search icon found near the top right of your page.

Below you see an example of the company profile page. Note the company contacts section toward the bottom where you can add or remove company contacts, and the star icon on the right to select a main point of contact.

When you select the Matters tab on the company profile, as shown in the image below, you will see any matters associated with this company:

Click the Go To Matter found on the right side of the screen to go to the profile page for either of these matters. You can also click the Create Matter button at the bottom to create an additional matter for this company.


Will company matters still run through my automations?

Yes, company matters can trigger in your automations just like a regular matter would. If the automation is sending anything, such as an email, form, or document, these items will be sent to whoever is selected as the main point of contact on the company.

Can I change a matter from a company matter to an individual matter or vice versa?

No, once a matter is created as one or the other it cannot be switched. You would need to simply create a new matter of the appropriate type.