Completing and Editing Tasks

Tasks can help you keep track of your firm's various duties and responsibilities for each matter. Each task is created with a due date, along with other details. To get the most out of your task management, you'll want to make sure that your users are staying up to date on their assigned tasks, and marking tasks as done once they are completed.

There are several different ways that you can go about creating and assigning tasks for your users, learn more about that here.

Once you have tasks created and assigned to you and/or your other firm users, you can edit or complete a task as needed. A user's tasks can be found in several places once they have been created.

  • Event calendar, found under the CRM tab
    • Note that tasks will display on the calendar in green, whereas events are in black
    • Click on a task to edit or mark the task as Done

  • Tasks dashboard, also found under CRM tab
    • Click the check box on the left to mark a task completed
    • Use the edit pencil and trash can icons on the right to edit or delete a task

  • On the particular matter the task is pertaining to
    • Click the check box on the left to mark the task completed
    • Use the edit pencil and trash can icons on the right to edit or delete a task

  • In the user's notifications, if they have in-app notifications enabled for tasks
    • Click on the notification icon, highlighted in red below, to view all in-app notifications you have enabled, including tasks if that has been selected in notification settings
    • Note that you cannot edit or complete a task from this page, but it is still a good place to see an overview of your notification activity

When a task is completed, you have the option to trigger an automation, using the Task Activity entry condition. This is a great way to use the completion of a task to initiate the next step in your process. Learn more about creating task automations here.

Tasks will also log a complete timeline of all activity that has occurred on that task, such as the status changing, priority level changing, due date edited, etc. To view the task activity timeline simply click on the task, either from the tasks dashboard or from the matter profile, and you will see the task activity timeline as shown below.


I've already created a task and I forgot to give it a tag, can I go back and add one?
Yes, simply edit the task (either from the calendar, tasks dashboard, or the matter's profile) to add or edit any tags on that task.
Can I edit or complete a task that was assigned to a different user?
Yes, any users can edit or complete any task, regardless of who was assigned as the owner.
How does it work if two users are both assigned to one task?
If more than one user is selected as the task owner, they will each receive notifications for that task according to their respective notification settings. When any user marks the task as completed, all users will be able to see that on the tasks dashboard, calendar, or on the matter profile for that individual. If it is common for your firm to have multiple users assigned to a given task, we definitely suggest they all turn on the Task Marked As Done notification, so they will be alerted that someone else has already gotten to the task.