Task Tags

Not only can tasks be assigned via automation, but you can also trigger an automation once a task has been completed. You will use task tags to differentiate which tasks should trigger which automations.

When creating a task, you will have the option to select a tag(s) for that task. You will be able to choose from any tags that you have already created, or you can create new tags as needed by simply typing the tag and then selecting "Create Option...", shown below.

In the image above, we are assigning a new task for the user to send a welcome gift to a specific client, and we have tagged it accordingly. The assigned owner is responsible for physically sending the welcome gift, and then marking the task as Done once it has been completed. Once they have completed this task, you will want to automatically trigger the next step in the process.

To do that, head to the Automations page, found under the Marketing tab. Create a new automation and click on the Entry Conditions box. On the right side menu, select Task Activity. For this example, we want the automation to trigger when the Welcome Gift task is completed, see below.

It is also important to make sure that we have selected the proper task tag that should trigger this particular automation, highlighted in red above.

Now that we have our trigger/entry condition set, we can add action items to the automation. For this example, we want to add in a task to check that the client has received their welcome gift, due several days after the gift was sent.

Notice below how we have added the Add Task action item to this automation, and we have given this new task a new tag, Welcome Gift Receipt.

Since we are using the tags to differentiate between our different tasks, we can make sure that the proper automation is triggered when a task is completed. 


Are task tags different than my contact or matter tags?

Yes. Tagging your matters/contacts is useful for segmenting audiences and generating reports. These tags do not apply to tasks specifically. Task tags on the other hand, described in this article, are specifically used for triggering automations when certain tasks are completed or created.

Do I need to give every task a tag?

No, task tags are not required. You only need to tag your task if you will be using that task to trigger an automation.

I've already created a task and I forgot to give it a tag, can I go back and add one?

Yes, simply edit the task (either from the calendar, tasks dashboard, or the matter's profile) to add or edit any tags on that task.