Pipeline Statuses and "Show All Matters" Toggle Option

When you create a new pipeline, you will need to select which status(es) should be visible on that pipeline.

This will dictate what status of matters will automatically be displayed when you view the pipeline. If you are building a pipeline to be used for intake, you will want to use PNC as the status. If you are building a pipeline for case management, use Hired. You could also make one catch-all pipeline and set it to show multiple statuses.
Matters of any status can be placed in any pipeline, regardless of which status(es) you have selected in the image above. However, if a matter does not match the status(es) set for the pipeline they are place in, you will not see that matter when you view the pipeline. 
The purpose of this feature is to help reduce clutter on your pipeline. For example, when a PNC changes to the Lost status they will still technically remain in whatever stage of your intake pipeline they were in when their status changed. However, when you view your intake pipeline you do not want to see all of these old lost leads clogging up your view. Therefore, it makes sense to have this intake pipeline set to only show the PNC status.
In the situation described above, you may want to override the status that has been set and briefly view those lost matters on the pipeline to help get a sense of which stages leads were at when they dropped out of the intake. To do that, you can always override your status(es) selected on a pipeline by clicking the Show All Matters toggle, shown below.

If you have a pipeline that is not unique to one status, then it will make sense to include multiple statuses on that pipeline. If you find yourself constantly going to your pipeline and then clicking the toggle to show all matters, this is a sign that you may want to reevaluate which statuses you have set for that pipeline.

For example, some firms like to have just one all-encompassing pipeline for their whole process, including both intake, case management, and a column for lost leads. In this scenario, it would make sense to have all 3 statuses selected for the pipeline, like so:

You can also use the status selection, highlighted above, to select any sub-statuses. Do this if you would like to narrow the pipeline visibility on a more granular level.


Can I edit the status selection on a pipeline after I have created it?

Yes, simply go to settings > pipeline settings, and select the edit pencil for the pipeline you wish to edit. You can then make any adjustments to the status(es) selected.

Can I see contacts on my pipeline or just matters?

Pipelines only show matters. If you wish to see a contact on any of your pipelines, you must first create a matter for that contact, and you can then select a pipeline stage for that matter.