Marketing Sources and Campaigns

Creating your firm's various marketing sources and campaigns in your account is a very key step to getting insightful reporting on the performance of each source. After you have created your sources, the next key step is to make sure you are accurately tracking which source each of your new leads came from.

Let's walk through how to accomplish these things.

First, you will create your marketing sources and campaigns on the Marketing Settings page, found by clicking the gear icon at the top right and then selecting this option from the left sidebar.

In Lawmatics, you can track your marketing efforts on two levels, source and campaign. Source is the higher level, and then you will create campaigns within each source to track on a more granular level. For example, you may create a source for Events & Conferences, and then each campaign under that source would be a specific event.

You will also be logging your marketing spend on a campaign level, as opposed to the source level. For that reason, even if you have a source that isn't running multiple campaigns, you should still create at least one campaign for that source, since that is where the spend will be entered.

If you are new to Lawmatics, when you go to the Marketing Settings page you will see one source already created, Referrals. This source comes built-in by default. You will use the Add New Source button at the bottom the page, to add in any additional sources.

One by one, you will add in each of your different sources where your firm could get leads from. Examples of your sources could be your website, any online advertising like PPC, print advertisements, radio ads, events & conferences, legal directories, etc. When you add a new source, you will see the options listed in the box shown below.

  • Name: How you will identify this particular source
  • URL Params Match Value (UTM_Source): This field is optional, you will only have a UTM_Source for online advertisements. You can typically find this value in the URL for the landing page of the online ad. Somewhere within that URL, you will see UTM_Source= and then some value will be following the equals sign. Paste the value that is following the "=" into this field if you would like to automatically track the source of the lead. Learn more about that here.
  • Description: Optional, if you would like to add more details about this source
  • Source Color: Also optional, assign a color to this source to help easily identify it
  • Spend Frequency: Select daily, weekly, or monthly. This will determine the time range for entering spend.

In the image below, you will see a few examples of sources and campaigns. You may end up adding additional campaigns to your sources over time as you change or add to your marketing efforts. 

You will notice that each of these sources has a button to add a New Campaign. The one exception to this is the built-in Referrals source which we discussed briefly above. That source does not have a New Campaign button, and it says Referrers where the other sources say Campaigns.

The Referrals source is special in that it will allow you to select from contacts in your CRM as referrers, as opposed to needing to create campaigns. This is a great way to track individuals who are referring leads to your firm.

Let's take a look at how to actually select which source a lead came from, whether it was a referral or one of your custom sources. Your first step is to go to that matter's profile.

Click the edit button at the bottom right of the matter's profile to populate both the Marketing Source and Campaign fields. The Marketing Source field will automatically pull a dropdown list of all of the sources that you have created on the marketing settings page, described above. Once you select a source from that field, you will then be able to select from any campaigns created for that source.

When you select Referrals as the source, the campaign field to the right will change to say Referrer. Rather than selecting from campaigns that you have created, for the Referrals source you will be able to select from any contacts in your CRM as the individual referrer. Easily search by their name or email address to select the proper individual.

After you have selected contacts as referrers, as shown above, you will see those contacts' names listed under Referrers on the marketing settings page.

In order to get the most accurate data from our reporting, of course it is important to make sure that you are staying on top of populating this data into your CRM. There are a few ways to help streamline this process.

First, if you are using an internal intake form for new leads you can place both the Source and Campaign fields on that form, so that as soon as a new lead calls the firm your staff can ask how they heard of you and who referred them if applicable.

If you are using online lead sources, you may be able to trigger an automation when a lead comes in from a specific source, and then populate the source field automatically. For example, if you get a lot of traffic on your website you may create a source for Website. Then you can have an automation that triggers when your web form is filled out, and populates the source accordingly.

You may have some sources that do not lend themself toward automatic tracking, so those will need to be recorded manually, but the sample automation shown above is a great way to automate the process whenever possible.


Why won't the system let me delete a source that I am no longer using?

If you have any matters currently assigned to that source then you cannot delete it. If you must delete the source, you could create a simple report filtered to show matters that have that source assigned, and edit them out of that source. However, we strongly suggest against deleting source data, even if you are no long using that source, because you do not want to delete historical data that could provide insights.

Can I import in historical marketing data for my current and past clients?

Yes, when you are importing matters you can include both the source and campaign fields on your import. If you have sources included in your import that have not yet been created as sources in Lawmatics, the system will create them as new sources automatically when you run the import.

Where can I find insights on my marketing source performance?

You can create custom reports using the source field, and you can also view insightful source reporting on the analytics page.