Analytics Page Summary

The Analytics page, found under the Insights tab at the top of your page, is one of the main places you will find insightful statistics for your Lawmatics data. Here you will find a number of built-in calculations for conversion rates, source performance, appointment stats, and more.

Let's walk through each of the graphs found on the analytics page, starting at the top of the page and working our way down.

Date Range

The first thing to be aware of on the analytics page is the date selection in the top right corner. Here you can select from standard date ranges like this week, this month, etc, or select "custom" to choose a date range, shown below.

The date range selection will apply to all of the graphs and charts on the analytics page. It filters based on matters that were created within the selected timeframe.

Leads At A Glance

  1. The total number of new PNC matters created within the selected timeframe
  2. Number of PNC's that have converted to Hired matters within the selected timeframe
  3. Percentage of new matters that have converted within the selected timeframe
  4. The sum of the Estimated Value of all of your PNC matters created within the selected timeframe
  5. The sum of the Actual Value of all of your Hired matters within the selected timeframe
  6. The sum of your marketing spend within the selected timeframe

New Lead/Client Goals

This section allows you to set custom goals for your number of new leads as well as new clients. Click the settings gear for each, highlighted above, to enter your goals. The graphs will display your progress for each goal.

Source Stats

Here you will find a breakdown of your matters by source. The green color indicates hired matters, blue: PNC, and red: lost. Hover your mouse on each column to see the specific numbers.

Switch the graph to view matters by practice area by clicking the View by selection on the left side of the screen. You can also toggle between the overview and the percentage rates by clicking those options in the middle at the top.

These graphs are insightful for determining which sources as well as which practice areas have the highest conversion rates, or even just the highest volume of matters.

Matter Volume Over Time

This graph shows you how many matters were created in each distinct time period displayed. You may notice insightful patterns of months, seasons, etc. where your firm is bringing in more matters as opposed to other times.

Use the View by selection, shown on the left side below, to switch between matter (all new leads) and client (converted matters only).

Note that this graph will change depending on what date range you have selected for the page. If you have the yearly or All Time options selected, you will see your volume displayed in yearly intervals, as shown above. When you select a monthly date range, then you will see the data shown month by month.

Appointment Stats

Your firm can use this graph to see how often you have no shows for your various appointment types. Use the drop down on the left, below, to switch between your various appointment types. Hover your mouse around the graph in your Lawmatics account to view an overview of the total number of appointments, shows, and no shows in each timeframe.

To get the most out of this graph, it is important to make sure that you are marking any no show appointments accordingly.

Sales Stats

You will only see this section on your Analytics page if you have enabled the Sales Team setting, found on the Firm Settings section of the settings page.

This setting allows you assign a Salesperson to each matter, and then view stats such as conversion rates and total number of matters for each individual salesperson. If you have a smaller firm that does not track conversions by individual salesperson, you likely will not need to enable this setting. 

If you are using the Sales Team feature, then make sure you are populating the appropriate user to the Salesperson field on each matter to get the most insightful data out of this graph.

In the graph above, you will see each of the firm's salespeople listed across the X axis, and then how many matters each has been assigned on the Y axis. The colors display the status of the matters. Hover your mouse on each bar graph to view a summary of that salesperson's numbers.

Stats by Source

Learn about your Stats by Source here.


Can I customize the graphs on this page?

Many of the graphs have selections to make small custom adjustments. You can also select your own custom date range. Beyond that, you can't further customizations to these graphs. Use our custom reporting feature for more custom options.

Can I filter the date range for this page by the conversion date as opposed the creation date?

No, this page only filters based on the creation date. When you create custom reports in Lawmatics, you can filter those reports using any date field in your CRM.

Can these graphs be exported?

This page can't be exported to excel, but you can easily print this page by simply going to the file tab for your browser and select print or save page as. Any custom reports you wish to create in Lawmatics can be exported to Excel.