Exporting Custom Reports

After creating a custom report in Lawmatics, you may wish to export it to Excel. This is very simple to do.

First, go to your reporting page found under the Insights tab. Then click the eyeball icon to view the report you wish to export.

Once you are viewing the report, you will see a page similar to the one shown below.

At the bottom of the page you have options to close out of the report, edit the report, or export the report. Simply click the export button, and then the report will download to your computer as a .CSV file.

If the report contains a very large amount of data, it may send to you via email as opposed to downloading. Otherwise, once your download has finished, the .CSV file can be opened in Excel, Numbers, GoogleSheets, and other spreadsheet softwares. Once you have opened the report in your desired software, you can make further edits, apply tables or graphs, upload the file to dropbox, etc.

If the report that you are trying to load in Lawmatics contains a great amount of data, you may see a page that looks like the image below when you try to view the report.

If you see this message, not to worry. This simply means that your report is very large and it will take the system a while to load all of that data. You can click the Display Anyway button and choose to wait for it to load, knowing that it may take some time. Or you can simply choose the Export Report option, which will automatically download the report and send it to you via email.

Note, if your report contains any grouping or subgrouping, this will not be reflected when the report exports to excel. However, you can easily use formulas in excel to apply whatever calculations you would like.


If I don't have Microsoft Office or Excel can I still use the export function?

Yes, the file that is exported can be opened in a variety of softwares, including google sheets.

Is my data in Lawmatics secure?

Yes, data security is a top priority here at Lawmatics. Learn about our software security here.

If I don't export my reports am I at risk of losing them?

Absolutely not! Your report in Lawmatics are not going anywhere. The export function is just intended to give you more flexibility with your data in case you would like to do anything with it outside of our system.