Form Styling with Embed Editor

Once you have embedded a Lawmatics form on your website, you can use our embed editor to set custom styling for your form, like text and field color, button label, etc. Any styling that you apply in the embed editor form will automatically display anywhere you have the form embedded.

To access the embed editor, start by going to the custom forms page found under the Assets tab. Then click the ... icon on the far right for the form whose styling you wish to edit. Select Embed Editor from the menu, shown below.

Once you are in the editor page, shown below, you will see various options on the left sidebar menu. You can adjust label, field, and background colors, size of text, submit button and success message which will be displayed upon a successful submission.

Here are some common styling aspects you may want to change on the form:

  • Select colors that match your website's color scheme 
  • Add a custom success message with your firm's name or next steps
  • Increase text size to make the form stand out on your website
  • Change text on the "submit" button. Perhaps "Get Started" or "Contact Us"

Once you have made your styling selections, simply click the button shown above to Save Styles. You can then go visit the webpage where you have the form embedded and you should see your styling choices reflected. If you do not, refresh the webpage and that should do the trick.

You may also want to add reCaptcha to your embedded form.
This technology prevents spam bots from being able to submit the Contact Us form embedded on your website, making sure that you are not bogged down by any false leads coming into Lawmatics. 
Add reCaptcha to an embedded form by editing your custom form in Lawmatics: 

Then select Settings from the left sidebar and turn on the reCaptcha setting.

No further steps need to be taken, once this setting is turned on the reCaptcha technology will automatically be added anywhere you have this form embedded.


How do I embed multiple forms on one webpage?

You will need to add a unique ID to each form code snippet in order to embed multiple forms on one page. Click here to learn more about this.

Can I set different styling for different forms?

Yes! Each of your forms can have unique styling. Simply use the embed editor for each form to set each individual styling. This is useful if you have multiple websites, or would like different styling for forms on different pages of your website.