Managing E-Signature Requests & Deadlines

After you have sent documents for e-signature via Lawmatics, you can easily view an overview of all signature requests by going to Assets > Documents, and scroll down to the section labelled Documents Sent for Signature. This is useful to get an overview of pending and completed signature requests, resend a signature request if needed, or view the signature document itself.

Note: If you are using Legacy signature templates, you will instead find your signature request summary on the Signatures page under the Assets tab.

Below is a sample of what you will see in your Documents Sent for Signature section.

Document Status

The first column you will notice is the Status. This column tells you what the current status of each signature request is. The options for status are as follows:

  • Sent: The request has been sent, but has not yet been viewed or signed
  • Processing: The request has not yet sent successfully (It can take 30 seconds or so for a request to finish processing)
  • Viewed: The signer has viewed the document, but has not signed
  • Partially Submitted: At least one signer has signed the document, but not all signers
  • Completed: All signers have signed the document
  • Expired: The document was not completed before the expiration date was reached

In addition to Status, you will also see the name of the document that was sent, who the primary matter/contact signer is, how many signers have signed the document, the total signers for that document, an expiration date for the document (if applicable), the date the signature request was created/sent, and the date the last update was made (i.e. someone signing the doc).

Viewing Signers

You will also notice a small triangle/arrow icon on the far left. Click that button to expand the details of a particular signature request. This is particularly useful for documents that have multiple signers:

In the example above, we see that one signer, Matt Spiegel, has signed and submitted the document on 3/11/21. We see that our other signer has not even viewed the document yet. For the signer that has not yet signed, we have a few icons shown on the right in the image above, and explained below.

E-Sign Reminders

In order to make sure you get the signatures that you need in a timely manner, Lawmatics offers built-in e-signature reminders. Simply scroll up on the documents page from the "Documents Sent for Signature" section back up to the top of the page, the "Documents" section. Click the ... icon on the right for any document and select E-Sign Reminders.

You can then write a custom email for reminding your client of their pending document, as shown below.

Once you have typed out your email, using any merge fields that you'd like as well as the link to access the actual document (green plus sign shown above), scroll down on the page to select when your reminder should be sent. You'll also see the option to send a text message as well and the option to "stop sending reminders if" a certain stage or status is applied on the matter.

No need to build an automation for this reminder, it will automatically be sent at the timing of your choosing. If the document has multiple signers, the reminder will only be sent to the signer(s) who have not yet signed.

Manually Resend a Signature Request

Looking back on the Documents Sent for Signature section, expand a document to view the signers and then we see two icons on the far right. Click the circular arrow icon to manually resend the document to this signer. Note: it will not resend the document to the signer that has already signed, it will just resend to this particular signer.

We typically suggest using the automatic signature reminders, as explained above, but should you ever manually need to resend a document if requested, you have the ability to do so.

The other icon gives you the option to have the signer sign the document in person, perhaps on an iPad or computer in your office.

Please note that when the document is signed this way, it is not necessarily compliant with the ESIGN Act, like it would be if the signer signs from the link sent to their email address.

Download a Signed Document

You may also notice several other icons on the far right in the image above. Every signature request will have the download icon (arrow pointing down), this is used to download the most recent copy of the document. So if one of two signers have signed the document, when you click the arrow icon the document will download with the one signature. For a completed document, clicking that button will of course download the completed version.

Cancel a Signature Request

You also have the trash icon. Use this button to cancel a signature request. This of course will not "unsend" the email to the signer, but when they click on the link in their email, the link will no longer be valid.

Note that you can only cancel requests that have not yet been completed.

Resend Expired Document

For any documents that have expired, you can renew them by clicking the icon shown below.

This option will "un-expire" the document, and resend the link to all signers. The example above only has one signer, but if there were multiple, any who have not yet signed the request would get the email again.

Matter Profile

In addition to managing your signature requests from the Document page, you can also go to an individual matter's profile to view the status of their signature request(s). 

Whenever a document is sent to a matter for signature you will see it logged on their timeline, as shown above. This particular E-Signature has a status of viewed, so we can see above that 0/1 signers have signed, but the matter did view the document.

You will also see the Document Uploaded action at the top of the image above. Whenever a document is sent for signature it will automatically save a copy to the matter's files, so that you can review it if needed. Once they sign it, it will be replaced with the signed version.


Will documents sent via automation be logged on the matter's profile and on the documents page?

Yes, automated documents will be logged exactly like if you had manually sent them.

Can I resend a document via automation?

You can use a sequence of Request Signature actions in an automation to resend a document until the person has signed. You will want to make sure you have also set exit conditions for this particular automation, so that when they sign the document they will exit from the automation and will not keep getting reminders. Note that each Request Signature action will create a new signature request, there is no way to resend an existing request via automation at this time.

I just sent a document out for signature but I can't remember if I populated everything correctly, can I review it after it has been sent?

Yes, you can view the sent document in the Files tab of that matter, or go to the Documents page and click the download button for that signature request. If a mistake was made, you will want to cancel that signature request, and send a new and corrected request.