Exporting Data

Lawmatics makes it easy to export your data out of the platform so that it can be uploaded to Dropbox, edited in Excel, or uploaded into another platform used in conjunction with Lawmatics.

There are two different ways to export data. First, you can create a custom report and export that to excel. This is beneficial if you wish to export a filtered, targeted list containing only certain fields that you have selected.

To learn more about creating a filtered report, click here. It is important to keep in mind when exporting a report that only the data that meets your filters will be exported. Additionally, only the fields that you have selected as columns will be included in the export.

Alternatively, you can export all of your Lawmatics data in one bulk file. To do so, begin by going to settings (gear icon near the top right) and then select Export from the left sidebar menu.

When selecting from these export options, the system will export all records of the selected type (matter, contact, company, etc) along with all fields in your CRM, including custom fields.

If you wish to export a list of leads, clients, and lost leads, then you will select the Export Matters option. This export will include all contact and matter type fields as columns.

Selecting Export Contacts will include all contacts in your CRM. Note that this export will not contain any matter fields, only contact type fields.

The same goes for the Client and Company export options.

Note that you typically will not use the Client Export option, rather you would want to export matters to view your clients. Any matters with a Hired status would be your clients.

In the image above, you will see an option on the far right to Export Bounces. This option will export the contact details for any email bounces that have been registered in your platform.

Please note: Whether you are exporting from a custom report or exporting in bulk from settings, if the report contains a large amount of data you can expect to receive the .csv file via email. It can sometimes take a few minutes for the export to be delivered to your email.


What type of file will my data export as?

Your export will come as a .csv file. This can be converted to many other file types from your end as well.

Can I import my data export into another software?

Yes, just make sure you follow any specifications set forth from the other software for formatting and importing your data appropriately.

Is there anything that doesn't export from my matters/contacts in bulk?

You cannot bulk export files or documents saved on your matters. You can go to each matter individually and bulk download that matter's files, but you cannot export files for all matters at once. This capability may be added down the road.