Visibility & Order of Custom Fields

When creating a new custom field on the Custom Field Settings page, you will see the option to select a Field Visibility. The visibility determines where the field will be displayed on the contact/matter's details page. Your three options are Starred, Default, and Hidden.

When you select Starred as the visibility for a new custom field, that field will be displayed at the very top of the Details page, as shown below.

When the Default option is selected for visibility, then the field will be included in the Custom Fields section toward the middle of the matter's details page:

Lastly, when Hidden is selected as the visibility, you will not see those fields when you first go to the Details page. In order to view them, you will scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and locate the section labelled Hidden Custom Fields. You will not see anything underneath that header, but when you simply click on the header it will expand a list of your hidden fields, as shown below.

For each of these 3 different visibility options, the fields can always be edited by clicking the Edit button shown at the bottom right in the image above.

In addition to selecting the visibility of your custom fields, you may also wish to change the order of your custom fields. Note that you can only change the order of your custom fields, as opposed to the standard built-in fields.

To change the order of your fields, go to settings > custom field settings, and then scroll down on the page until you see the section labelled Visibility & Order Edit. Click on this header to expand your editing options, you will then see a window similar to the one shown below.

Here you can simply drag and drop each field to adjust their order. You can also drag and drop them between the three columns if you wish to change the overall visibility section of that field.

Any changes you make to the order of fields shown here on the settings page will go into effect on the details page for the matter, shown in the first 3 screenshots of this article.


What is the benefit to making a field starred? Does this change the field in any way?

The visibility options are purely for ease of use. It does not change the field in any way. Making a field starred simply will make that field easier to access on a matter's details page, it does not change any other functionality of the field.

Can I still use hidden fields on my forms and documents?

Yes, hidden fields will not have any different functionality than any of your other fields.