Adding Users to Your Lawmatics Account

As your firm grows, the number of users you need in Lawmatics may grow as well. It is important to create a user account for each person who will be signing in and using Lawmatics.

Some of the privileges that come with each user account are as follows:

  • Syncing individual email and calendar accounts
  • Customized notification settings
  • Custom email signature for each user
  • Calendar booking based on each user's availability
  • Automated emails can come directly from a user or CC that user
  • Tasks assigned to a particular user
  • Your admin users will be able to customize the permission levels of other users
  • Access to Lawmatics support

And of course most importantly, your firm's users will be able to sign into Lawmatics to view matters, documents, reports, etc.

To add a new user, you will first email us at with the name of your firm and how many users you wish to add. Our team will then add the appropriate number of seats to your account.

You will then go to the Manage Users page, found on the left sidebar of your settings page toward the bottom. Here you will enter the user's email address, select which role you would like to assign them, and invite them to your firm:

Once you send them an invitation, they will receive an email prompting them to accept and create their account. At this point, they will create a password and be able to sign into your Lawmatics firm.

Any of the general firm settings that you have already entered will already be set for this new user. They will, however, need to make sure they update their own personal user settings.

Should you ever need to remove a user, you will once again go to the Manage Users page, and then click the trash icon on the far right for that user. 

If a staff member is leaving your firm and being replaced by a different person, you may want to simply edit the email address on an existing user. To do this, sign in as that user (if you have the password) and then edit the email address on the My Settings page.

If you do not know the password for a user, you can always email us at and we can update the email address accordingly and send a password reset link to the updated email address.

If you are removing a user and do not wish to replace it with a different user, make sure you also email us to let us know to remove a seat from your subscription.


How much does Lawmatics cost per user?

To view our current pricing offerings, visit our website. Your firm may be on a different pricing plan than what you see on the website, depending on when you signed up for Lawmatics. For more information on your subscription email us at

Can I limit what certain users can view/access in Lawmatics?

Yes, you can do this by managing your custom permission roles. Any users with the Admin role can access this page by going to settings > manage users > manage roles. Here you can customize your various permission levels, and then edit the role of each user listed on the manage users page accordingly.

Are there discounts for different levels of user access?

We offer two different types of users, regular users and non-active users. To add a non-active user, which does come at a discounted rate, you must first have at least 3 regular users. Learn more about that on our website as well, and email us if you have any questions or wish to add a non-active user.