Lawmatics Account - Update Billing

If you ever need to update your firm's billing information and/or payment details for your Lawmatics account, you can do so by going to your firm's settings page (gear icon near the top right corner) and then select Billing under the Administrative Settings section.

It is important to note that only users with the Admin permission level will be able to view this page. To learn more about managing your firm's permission levels and roles, click here.

Once you arrive on the Billing page, you will see a page similar to the one shown below. To update your credit card details, click the edit pencil highlighted in red below.

Here you will see the details of your firm's current subscription tier. Note that your subscription details may look different from the example shown above, depending on when your firm began using Lawmatics. 

Your pricing or subscription tier will never change without your explicit request. To learn about our current pricing offerings, feel free to visit our website at 

As you scroll down on the billing page, you will also see the option to enter your firm's billing address as well as to select a Billing User. Here you will be able to select from any of your users as well as the Firm Email. Whoever you select for this option will be the person to receive the firm's invoices and payment receipts. The billing user can be changed any time as needed.

For any questions regarding your firm's current subscription level and/or pricing, feel free to email us at

If you wish to add an additional user to your subscription, also email us at the email address above.


How do I change the credit card used for my firm's Lawmatics account?

There are two ways to update your payment details. First, you can go to the billing page in settings as described above. Second, you can call our support team at 800-883-1105 ext. 2 and update your payment information over the phone.

How do I add a user to my account?

Email us at, and we will add an additional seat to your account as needed.

I added a user and was billed. Why?

Our subscription fee is based on the number of users in your firm. When you add a new user, you will automatically be billed the prorated amount for that user for the rest of your current billing cycle. Similarly, if you remove a user you will receive a credit on your account for the unused time that had already been paid for that user. That credit will automatically be applied on your next payment.