Creating & Naming Custom Fields

To create a new custom field, start by going to your settings page (gear icon near the top right corner), and then select Custom Field Settings from the left sidebar. Custom fields are firm-wide, so any fields created by any of your users will all show up on the Custom Field Settings page, as well as in your CRM.

When creating a new custom field, is important to give your field a simple name using keywords that will make the field easy to find again in the future. This can also help prevent the accidental creation of duplicate or redundant fields for the same thing but having a different name. 

To create a new custom field, go to the Custom Field Settings page, select the appropriate record type from the options across the top of the page, then click the button at the bottom of the page labelled Add New Field. You will then see a screen similar to the one shown below, where you will prompted to enter a field name, select a field type, and a field visibility.

If you currently use PDF or similar format for your intake forms, you may not have experience with creating and naming custom fields. Let's take a look at some common questions you may have on your intake forms, and how we would suggest naming those fields.

It is important to note that the label of your fields can be changed to match the exact question phrasing of your intake form, but for simplicity's sake you will want the name of each field to be short and concise.

  • Please tell us about your legal issue.
    • Field Name: Legal Issue
  • On what date did the incident occur?
    • Field Name: Date of Incident
  • Thank you for providing us with this information. We will be in touch shortly. Next, you will receive a consultation booking form and engagement letter from us via email
    • This should not be a field because it does not require any input, this can be added into the form using an instructions block.

When creating a custom field, you will also be prompted to select the field type. Make sure that you select the field type that is best suited for that particular data field. Learn more about that here.


Where will the custom fields that I create be used in Lawmatics?

Custom fields are used all throughout the platform. You will be able to use them in custom forms, documents, emails, automations, etc. To manage, edit, or delete custom fields, you will always go to the Custom Field Settings page.

Can I create custom fields using an import?

Yes. You can use an import to not only create custom fields in the CRM, but also to input data into those fields. Learn more about both of those functions here.