Statute of Limitations

When creating your firm's practice areas, you will have the option to enable statute of limitations for each practice area. You will want to make sure you enable this option when applicable, because it will allow you to create automated notifications for your firm and/or the client regarding the timing of that statute of limitations.

First, to learn more about creating your firm's practice areas, check out this article.

When you are adding each practice area, you will want to toggle on the statute of limitations option, when applicable, as shown below.

This option applies to each of your practice areas individually, so you only need to toggle it on for practice areas where the statute of limitations applies.

For any practice areas that have this option enabled, when a matter is assigned to that practice area, you will see a Statute of Limitations field added to the Details page for that matter. This is where you will populate the specific date for the statute of limitations for that particular matter, as shown below.

When you populate the date of the statute of limitations, the system will automatically create a calendar event for that matter on that date.

You can then use the statute of limitations field in any of your reports, automations, documents, emails, etc, just like any other custom field.

For example, you may wish to create an automation that notifies your staff when a matter has come in with a statute of limitations, and you may also wish to create a reminder or notification when that date is approaching. To do that, you would create an automation similar to the one shown below, using the Event Automations button to create reminders that are relative to the statute of limitations date (i.e. the month before, etc).

Learn more about creating event automations here, these are used for time-relative automation triggers. 

This is just one example of an automation that could use the statute of limitations, but the possibilities are endless.


Why don't I see the Statute of Limitations field on a given matter?

You will only see that field on the matter if it is assigned to a practice area that has statute of limitations enabled. Check that the practice area of this matter does have that option enabled. If it does, refresh your page and check the matter details for that field once more.

I have enabled statute of limitations for one of my practice areas and I no longer wish to use it for that practice area, can I turn it off?

Yes, simply go to the practice area settings page, edit that practice area, and turn off the statute of limitations option. This will remove the statute of limitations field from any matters assigned to that practice area.