Syncing your calendar with Lawmatics

Syncing Your Calendar

Syncing your calendar to Lawmatics is very easy and will help you manage your appointments, plus unlock one of our coolest features, appointment requests.

If you want to use our Appointment Request feature, allowing clients to book their own appointments based on your availability, you will need to sync a calendar. You will also need to make sure that you are in a subscription tier that allows this feature, feel free to view our pricing page here:

You’ll start by going to Settings -> Calendar Settings. This is a user setting, meaning that each user in your firm can customize their own calendar settings.

Click Connect Calendar, and then select your calendar provider from the list provided. We can sync with any of the following options:

If you are syncing an Office 365 calendar, you will also need to make sure that you have admin privileges. If you don’t, you’ll need to share this link with the appropriate person at your firm who is the admin on the account:

If you are syncing an iCloud calendar, you will need to generate an app specific password. Follow the instructions found here to do so.

Once you have selected your provider you will be prompted to agree to the terms of service and sign in to your account for that calendar. This will not be your Lawmatics login credentials, but rather your credentials for the calendar provider.

Once your calendar has been synced, you should see a screen similar to the one below:

If you have more than one calendar being used on your external provider (for example, you might have work, personal, holidays, birthdays, etc) you can select which of these you want to be used to sync events, and which should be used to pull availability.

You might only have the one calendar, as you see in the screenshot above, which is perfectly fine.

Any events booked through Lawmatics where you are an attendee will be automatically placed onto the calendar chosen for ‘calendar to sync events’. If you are using our Appointment Request feature, clients will only be able to book you at times when you are free on all calendars selected in the ‘calendars to pull availability’ option.

We recommend enabling two-way sync. Two way sync will not send all events from your external calendar into Lawmatics. Rather, it will allow Lawmatics to reflect updates made externally. 

So with two way sync enabled, if you make any edits to the appointment once it has been synced to your external calendar (such as rescheduling the time, adding a description, etc), these changes will be automatically updated in Lawmatics as well.

The rest of the settings on this page are only relevant if you are the using the Appointment Request feature. If so, feel free to set in your working hours, this will be used in addition to your existing appointments to set your availability. 

You can also feel free to set in a lunch hour, buffer time, rolling period, and time before setting.

The time before setting will limit how soon you can be booked, if you want to be able to be booked same day, next day, 1 week out, or any other custom amount of time.