Recording Previous Invoice Payments

Whether you have been using Lawmatics for a while, or just switching from a different CRM, you may wish to log a payment that has already been received, without actually sending that invoice to the client.
This is easy to do with Lawmatics Payments. The first step is to make sure that you are a time & billing Lawmatics user for your firm. If your firm is not using Lawmatics Time & Billing, email us at to have this feature added to your account.
Once you have confirmed your time & billing access, your next step is to create the invoice
This can be done from the Invoices dashboard found under the Billing tab at the top of your screen, or from an individual matter's profile as shown below.

Your next step is to select the invoice's status as "Sent". This allows you to create the invoice without actually sending it at this time by recording that it already has a sent status.

When creating the invoice, select the status as "Sent". This will create the invoice without actually sending it to the recipient. The invoice can then be viewed on the Invoices dashboard or once again on that individual matter's profile.

You can then update the status of the invoice to reflect it as paid by clicking the button highlighted below on the right side of the screen. 

This is extremely useful for recording revenue from a past invoice without the client needing to receive a duplicative invoice. It can also be used for migrating past payments into Lawmatics from your previous billing software.


How do I keep track of the status of all of my firm's invoices?

The best place to view an overview of your firm's invoices is on the Invoices page under the Billing tab. Here you will see a status of each invoice listed as Draft, Sent, Partially Paid, or Paid.

Can I resend a past invoice if the client lost it?
Yes, simply click the envelope icon again for that invoice and it will be resent. This will not create a new invoice, it will simply resend the one that was already created.