Time & Billing Standard Reports

There are several ways to report on your time & billing within Lawmatics. With these features we have taken some of our reporting capabilities that you already love in Lawmatics and applied them to Time & Billing. 

If you are not yet using the Time & Billing feature in Lawmatics, email us at support@lawmatics.com to learn more or to add it to your account.

You will find both of these reporting options by hovering your mouse on the Billing tab at the top of your Lawmatics window. 

Accounts Receivable (A/R Report)

With the Lawmatics A/R Report you can easily keep track of your outstanding invoices, this helps you get a clear idea of upcoming cash flows coming into your firm.

In the image above, you see the filtering options for lead attorney and contact, as well as the grouping drop down. Use these filters to create a more narrow report, or leave the filters blank to see all data.

Hours billed

Make your selections to filter the report based on date range, user, and/or practice area, and then click the green button to run the report. This will show how many hours have been logged for the selected user(s). You will also see the total dollar amount for the hours logged based on that user's hourly rate. 

This report provides a great snapshot of billable hours by user or practice area so that you can make important business decisions accordingly. 

Payment Activity Report

With the Payment Activity report you are able to set custom filters for the date, payment method, and/or contact. Run the report to see a snapshot view of the payments that meet your criteria, making it even easier to keep an eye on your firm’s incoming cash flows for a specified time period.


Should I log past payments retroactively if I am just switching to Lawmatics Payments from another payment platform/CRM?

While this isn't strictly necessary, if you wish to see your past data included in your reports then you may wish to log those hours/invoices in Lawmatics retroactively. While they cannot be added in bulk at this time, you can simply select a past date when logging hours or creating an invoice. Learn more about logging past invoices here.

Can I export these reports to Excel or Google Sheets?

No, at this time your Time & Billing reports cannot be exported.