Invoice Reminders

Collecting payments is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. With Lawmatics time & billing you can now include custom automatic invoice reminders, helping to streamline the process of collecting payment smoothly and efficiently.

To create invoice reminders, begin by going to your settings page (gear icon near top right), select Invoices from the left sidebar, and then scroll to Invoice Reminders. You will then see a page similar to the one shown below.

Here you will see any reminders that have already been created, keep in mind that this is a firm-wide setting so any users with access to time and billing will be able to create and edit invoice reminders.

Let's walk through the steps of creating a new invoice reminder. After you click the button to create a new reminder, you will see a pop up as shown below.

First, type in your custom email message that you would like to send for the reminder. Note that you can merge in any fields from your CRM using the drop down menus shown at the top of the image above.

After you have written your message, select when this reminder should be sent relative to the due date of the invoice. It is important to remember that you can create as many different invoice reminders as you like, and apply a different timeframe for each to be sent. 

For example, if you would like to have a reminder sent one week before the invoice is due and then another one the day before it is due, those would each be created as a separate invoice reminder with the appropriate timeframe selected. In the example above, you will see that the reminder is set to go out 1 day before the invoice due date. You will also have the option to select what time of day the reminder should be sent, above you see that 8:00AM is selected.

Next, make your selections of if this reminder should be used for regular invoices, payment plan installments, or both. 

Lastly, select from your invoice types to determine which type(s) this reminder should apply to. You may wish to have different timeframes and/or email messages for different types of invoices. For example, a retainer payment invoice reminder might differ greatly from a reminder to pay an initial consultation fee.

Note that you can select more than one invoice type, feel free to select whichever you would like to apply this reminder to.

Once you have made these selections, click the Save button to save your reminder. You do not need to create any automations or campaigns for sending these reminders, they will simply kick in when applicable for the selected invoice types once you have created and saved the reminder as outlined above.


How will the invoice reminder be sent?

The invoice reminder will be emailed to the same person that received the original invoice.

Will I be able to see that an invoice reminder has gone out?

Yes, you will see the reminder email logged on the matter's timeline just like you would for any other email sent.

Do my invoice reminders apply to all of my invoices?

Your reminders will only apply for the invoice type that you have selected on each individual reminder. The reminders will also only apply for invoices that have been sent, they will not be sent for any invoices that are still in the Draft status.