Matter File Folders

Lawmatics is your one-stop-shop for all things file management. Go to a matter's profile, and then click on the Files tab to view all saved files for that matter.

Files are automatically saved to the matter's profile whenever a form is filled out or a document is signed for that matter. If you are requesting files from the matter either via file request or a file upload file in a custom form, those files will automatically save to the matter's files tab as well. You also have the option to manually upload files.

File folders allow you to simplify and organize a matter's files, making it easier to navigate and locate all of your files.

Manually Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder, click the New Folder button shown below. 

If you wish to upload a file to the matter's root folder as opposed to within one of your custom folders, then simply click the Upload File shown above and the file will upload directly.

Creating a Folder Via Automation

Use the Create Folder action in automations to automatically create file folders for any matter running through the automation.

Using Your Folders

Click on a folder to view all files contained within it, and/or to upload a new file into that particular folder. You also have the option to download all files from that folder once you have entered into it, as shown below.

You also have the ability to move files from one folder to another as needed by simply checking the box for the file(s), then click Move and select the desired folder.