Repeating Email Campaigns

You can use an email campaign to schedule a marketing email to send on a repeating schedule. It is important to note that with this campaign you will be sending the same email template on a repeating basis, therefore you would not use a repeating campaign for scheduling newsletters, since you'll have a different newsletter email every month.

To create a repeating email campaign, you will start by hovering your mouse on the Marketing tab at the top of the page, and then select Campaigns. When you click the button to add a campaign, you will make the appropriate selections for your campaign name, audience, custom email, etc, then select the Repeating option.

Repeating campaigns allow you to create a custom schedule for sending a particular email on a recurring basis. When you select Repeating, you will be able to set the custom schedule for the campaign.

  1. Choose a start date for your campaign. Maybe the start date will be the current date, or maybe you want this campaign to start in the future. Keep in mind that if choose today's date as the start date, that doesn't necessarily mean the email will send today, since the email will send according to your specifications selected from options 3-5 below.
  2. If you only want this campaign to run for a certain amount of time, then you will choose an end date. If you want it to keep repeating indefinitely, or until you manually decide to deactivate it, then select the Never End toggle.
  3. Choose what time of day this campaign should run. This will determine the specific time of day the email will be sent on the repeating interval that you select in step 4 below.
  4. Since this is a repeating campaign, you will determine the interval by which it will repeat. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
  5. Once you have selected the interval, then you will select additional specifics such as the day of the week, which day of the month, etc. You will see in the image above that we have created the campaign on a weekly interval, sending the email on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM.

Once you have created your repeating campaign, you will see a screen that looks like the one shown below.

You will need to take one more step before your campaign will start running: simply click the button shown above that says Activate Campaign. Once the campaign is active, then it will start sending the email according to the schedule you selected for the campaign.

Remember, repeating campaigns send the same email template on a repeating basis. For that reason, this type of campaign is most commonly used for RSS Feeds, since the campaign will send your updated feed using the same email template. Repeating campaigns should not be used for Newsletters or holiday emails, where the email template will be different on each interval.


Why would I want to send the same email template on a repeating basis?

This is most commonly used with RSS Feeds. The email template will contain your RSS Feed, so even though you are sending the same email template repeatedly, it will show the new posts from your feed each time it is sent, so it will appear to be a new email to the recipient.

How are repeating campaigns different than date-based campaigns?

Repeating campaigns send the email on a certain interval such as weekly, monthly, etc. Date-based campaigns require you to select a date field from your CRM, and the campaign sends the email on the specific date populated into that field for each target. For example, if you create a date-based campaign for the birthdate field, then the email will send to each target once a year on their birthday.