Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Birthday Email Campaign

Use Lawmatics to easily send out an email to their clients every year on their birthday. Walk through the comprehensive step-by-step process of how to set up a birthday campaign in Lawmatics, including creating your email template and your audience.


Can I use date-based campaigns for something other than a birthday email?
Absolutely, you can use date-based campaigns for any other date field in the CRM. This could include anniversaries, statute of limitations, court dates, etc.
Will the email recipient know that the birthday email was automated?
No, when your recipients receive their happy birthday email it will be just like any other email in their inbox. Of course they may assume the email is automated, but they will not necessarily know.
Can I use the person's name in the email template to make it seem more personal?
Yes, whether you are creating the email template as an HTML template (recommended for birthday emails) or a plain text email, you will have the option to merge any fields you would like into the email, including their name.