"Run Once" Email Campaigns (Newsletters)

You will use the Run Once email campaign option for sending out any "email blasts", such as a newsletter, announcement, holiday email, etc. With this feature, you will have the option to manually activate the campaign or schedule the email to send automatically on a specific date and time.

Before you create your email campaign, you will first need to make sure that you have created your email template as well as your audience list for who you want to send the email to.

These types of email blasts are usually best suited for an HTML email template. These emails will be more visually appealing than a plain text email, and contain many design options for creating your email. 

You will also need to create an audience list to determine who your email will be sent to you. The audience may be very broad, containing all of your contacts, or it may be highly filtered to target a particular demographic in your CRM.

Once you have created both your email and your audience, you are ready to create a campaign. Hover your mouse on the Marketing tab at the top of your screen, and select campaigns. Then click Add Campaign in the top right corner, you will see a box that looks like the one below:

Looking at the fields above, you will see the following items: 

  • This campaign name
  • Which audience we are sending to 
  • Which email template we are sending
  • Which of your firm email addresses this email will send "from"
  • If you would like to include any attachments
  • Option to include the sender's email signature (if you are sending an HTML template you generally want to leave this option toggled off)
  • The type of campaign, which is Run Once for this example

At the very bottom of the image above, you will also see the option listed to Run Campaign: On Manual Activation. When this option is selected, it will be up to you to click the Create button, shown above, and then you will ALSO need to activate the campaign whenever you would like to actually send the email. 

If you wish to add more automation to this campaign, you can opt to run the campaign on a specific date. This option will allow you to select a specific date and time using the calendar, shown below.

When this option is selected, you will not need to manually activate the campaign to send the email. Rather, the email will send automatically at the date and time that you have selected on the calendar. All you need to do is hit the Create button, and then the email sends automatically on the correct day.

Whether you opt to send the email on manual activation or schedule it automatically, after the email has been sent, you can click on the campaign name from the campaigns page to view the stats for that campaign, shown in the example below.


Why don't I see the email that I want to send listed in the custom email drop down when creating the campaign?

Make sure that the email you are trying to send is the same type as the audience you are sending to. For example, if you are selecting a contact type audience for the campaign, you can only select a contact type email, as opposed to a matter type email. Review whether you should be sending to an audience of contacts or matters here.

How can I verify that the email has been sent?

After the campaign has been activated, whether manually or if it was scheduled, you will see a list of all the recipients in that campaign. You will see a column noting whether or not the email was Delivered. It should say Yes in that column for the majority of your targets, but if there were any bad email addresses on the list, then you may see a bounce status.