How to Create Audiences

In this article you will learn how to create an audience, a centerpiece to building email and marketing campaigns.

1. To create an audience, hover over Marketing and click on Audiences.

2. In the top right hand corner, you can click on “create new audience”

3. You’ll have the chance now to name your audience and select the type of audience. Make sure your email recipient type and the audience type correspond. If you are sending a matter email with matter fields, you will want it to go to an audience of matters. If you are sending an email with only contact fields, you can choose contacts for your audience.

4. Once you’ve clicked create you will now be able to filter the list by fields within Lawmatics such as practice area, birthdate, or matter status. The possibilities are endless!

. You can add multiple filters to create a specific audience for your specific email campaign. In this example, I want to create an audience of contacts that have birthdates and have emails. Once you’ve finished filtering your audience list, you can click save and you will now be able to use this audience in your email campaigns! Check out this video on how to create an automated birthday campaign. You can also learn how to create a recurring campaign or send a one time marketing campaign.