Client Portal Overview

Table of Contents

1. How to Manage your Subdomain
2. Giving Clients Access to the Portal
3. Sharing Appointments 
4. Sharing Documents
5. Sharing Tasks
6. Sharing Forms

The Lawmatics Client Portal is a tool to give your clients access to their own web app, keeping them up to date on the progress of their matter. You can share messages, documents, forms & signature documents, file requests, calendar events, and even tasks.

1. How to Manage your Subdomain

The client portal is the first feature in Lawmatics to utilize custom subdomains. This means that clients will be able to access your portal by visiting a more customized URL. If your law firm name is Spiegel Law Group, you could have the URL for your portal. We will default the subdomain to contain the name of your firm as it is in Lawmatics, however, you can change this. 

In order to change your subdomain:

1. Navigate to the Settings page

2. Click on Firm Settings from left side of screen

3. Click on "Edit" gear Icon on top right of Firm Settings data

4. Towards the very bottom of the list of Firm Settings fields you will see a field called "Subdomain". Enter in any word(s) into that field. Please note that you can only use letters or digits and there must be no white space.

5. Click save when ready and whatever is entered into that field will be your new domain. The format will always be [YOURCUSTOMDOMAIN]

2. Giving Clients Access to the Portal

Access to the client portal is given on a contact basis. This means that if you have several relationships attached to a matter, you can give each one of them their own access to login to their own portal. If you have a contact with multiple matters, you can dictate which matter they have portal access to. Giving them portal access to one will not automatically give them portal access to their other matter.

Signature documents, file requests and appointments scheduled the relate to a matter will be automatically shared with a contact in their portal if they are a party to the item being shared.

To grant portal access to a contact:

1. Navigate to the matter details page for the matter you want to give access to

2. Click on the share icon to the right of the case title

3. Here you will see a list of all the contacts associated with this matter that can be granted portal access. Simply check the Has Access? box on the contacts you want to give access to and the click Save.

4. If you need to ever revoke portal access, simply uncheck that same field for the contact you want to revoke access for and click Save.

3. Sharing Appointments 

Currently, all appointments created on a matter will be shared with all contacts associated with that matter in their client portal.

4. Sharing Documents 

1. Access the Files tab from the matter details page

2. Find the non e-signature document you want to share and click the share icon on the right side of the document in the list

3. Here, you will see a list of all contacts with portal access for this matter. Simply check the contacts you would like to share this document with and then click "Share".

5. Sharing Tasks

Task sharing with the client portal in Lawmatics makes it easy to assign tasks to clients. Use this feature if there are tasks that you need your clients to complete. The task will appear in their portal and they will even be able to mark it as done when they've completed it.

1. Create a task

2. From the task creation window, you will see an option that says "ASSIGN TASK TO CONTACTS". Click that header to reveal all the contacts with portal access on that particular matter. Select the contacts you would like to assign this task to and click Create Task when ready.

6. Sharing Forms

Sharing a form with your client via the portal can be done a couple of different ways. One way is sharing it manually, through the matter page. Start by going to share a form how you normally would, by clicking on the 3 dots under the matter's name and choosing "Share Form".

From there, you will be able to choose to "Share with portal contacts" if they have accepted their invitation. Then you can choose which contacts associated with the matter you would like to share the form with via the portal.

Another way to share a form via the client portal is by using an automation. When using the "send form" action in an automation, you will have the option to toggle on "Assign Form to Matter Contacts". You can then choose which contacts associated with the matter that is running through the automation that you want to receive the form via the portal. 


Do I need to change the subdomain?

No, the subdomain for your portal will default to your firm name, you are welcome to keep the subdomain as-is or customize it if desired.

Will the portal make things easier for my client?
Yes, the portal is very simple and will be easy for your clients to use. It will save them the trouble of searching for previous emails or other items you have sent them, since they will be able to view everything in one central location.