Sharing Tasks Via Portal

You can use the Lawmatics Client Portal to assign tasks directly to the client, or to any other related contacts on the matter. This is a great way to keep both leads and clients engaged with your firm as you are working on their intake or the case itself.

Before you can share tasks via portal, you will first need to make sure you have granted portal access to the matter, and/or any related contacts that you would also like to see the task. To do this, click the portal button on the matter profile, highlighted in red below.

Notice that this matter has a related contact, shown on the left sidebar in the Matter Relationships section.

Once you click the portal button, you will then select which of the contacts on this matter you would like to give portal access to.

Check the box for whichever contact(s) you would like to be able to view the task, and then click save.

Now that you have granted portal access, you can create a task and share it with the contact via portal. 

In the image below, we have highlighted two things. First, notice the portal icon toward the top left, next to the matter's name. This icon tells you that this matter has portal access. Second, when assigning the task, you are able to select which contacts on this matter you would like to share with via portal. Since each contact has their own portal login, you can share it with each independently, or select one or the other.

Once you have created the task and shared it with a contact via portal, that contact will see the task in their portal, shown below. Again, this is not something you would view within your own Lawmatics account, rather what the client will see when they login to the portal on their end.

The client can click on the task, highlighted above, to view it and/or mark the task as completed.

The process outlined above describes manually sharing a task to the client. You can also share tasks via client portal using an automation. Once again, first make sure you have granted portal access to the client. This can be done via automation if you would like to automate that step of the process as well.

See a sample automation below, first this automation will automatically invite the matter to have portal access, and then it will assign and share the task.

By selecting Automation Target as the assigned contact, highlighted in red above, we are assigning the task to the main contact associated on the matter, AKA the automation target.

Note that you do not need to do BOTH processes outlined in this article to share a task via portal, (manually sharing the task vs. sharing the task via automation). Feel free to use either method, whatever works the best for you and your firm.


What does the client receive when I invite them to the client portal?

They will receive an email letting them know that you have invited to view their matter in the client portal. The email also contains a link to for them to accept the invitation. This link will prompt them to create a password, and they will then be taken to their portal. 

What happens to a task if I create it without sharing via portal?

Tasks created without sharing to portal will be assigned to an internal firm user instead. Rather than assigning the task for the client to complete, these tasks will be the responsibility of the assigned user to complete.