Messaging Via Client Portal

You can use our messaging feature to send a message directly into a client's portal. They can easily view it within their portal and respond back to you, if needed.

Before you can send a message to someone via portal, you first need to make sure that person has been granted portal access. Learn how to do that here.

To send a message, hover on the CRM tab in the top left, and select Messages. Here you will see any ongoing message threads and you will also have a button start a new message thread. Once you click that button, you will see the box shown below.

Type in the subject of your message, and then select from any matters that have been granted portal access. If you do not see the matter you wish to message, close out of this box and go make sure that matter has been granted access before continuing. 

Once you have selected the matter, you will then select which participant/contact in that matter you would like to send the message to. You will be able to select any contact(s) (perhaps multiple if there are any related contacts on that matter) that you have granted portal access to.

Note that in your messages you will only see threads pertaining to your user, you will not see messages exchanged by your firm's other Lawmatics users. For a more comprehensive view of messages, make sure you check out the Message Center to view a dashboard of your portal messages.

When you send the message, the client will see that they have a new message in their portal, shown below.

Once they click on the Messages tab, highlighted in red on the left side above, they will see the message(s) you have sent to them.

They can also easily reply to your message. Once they reply, you will be able to view the updated message thread back on the Messages page under the CRM tab in your Lawmatics account. You can also turn on your notifications for portal messages to make sure you are notified when someone has replied to a message that you sent via portal.

Lastly, make sure you check out the Message Center to view a dashboard of your portal messages.


When I message a client via portal, is the message sent via email as well?

No, they will need to view the message in their portal.

Can other firm users view my messages with clients that have been exchanged via portal?

You can limit this privilege in your Manage Users page found in settings. Click the Manage Roles button in the top right to customize your different permission levels for you various firm users. You can choose to give users the ability to view portal messages or not.

Will the portal make things easier for my client?

Yes, the portal is very simple and will be easy for your clients to use. It will save them the trouble of searching for previous emails or other items you have sent them, since they will be able to view everything in one central location.