Matter Profile Overview

The matter profile page is a great tool for managing both your PNCs and hired clients in Lawmatics. A matter's profile serves as your main hub of information for that particular case.

There are a few ways to access a matter's profile. You can go to the Matters page under the CRM tab and click on their name from the list. Or, you can easily find them by clicking the magnifying glass "search" icon near the top right, and then type in their name, email address, or phone number.

Once you have typed in your search, you will likely see several results. In the screenshot below, the first option will take you the Contact profile, and the second option will take you to the matter. You will typically want to visit a matter's profile, this is where you will view all of the case-related information as well as the activity timeline.

Once you have selected the matter from the search results, you will be taken to the matter's profile.
In the image below, you will find a summary of items accessible on the matter's main activities page.

Click the additional tabs (labeled above) to view additional information on the matter.
The Details tab will show you all of the fields in your CRM. You will see any data that has been populated for this matter, and you can click the Edit button highlighted near the top left to populate data into any of the fields. 

On the Notes tab you will find a history of any notes logged on this matter. You can also add notes as well as make edits to any existing notes.

The Tasks tab will display a history of tasks for this matter along with filtering options.
Lastly, in the Files tab you will find any saved documents for this matter. Any forms, documents, files, etc. that are collected through Lawmatics will automatically save here, and you will also have the option to upload any additional files.
You can also organize your files into folders, learn more about that here.
To view a preview of your files, simply click on the eyeball icon to the left of the file name, you will then see a preview of the file as shown below. Here you can use the arrows to easily navigate between the files saved on this matter, or choose to download the file by clicking the button shown at the bottom below.

You also have the ability to bulk select files by checking the box to the left of the file name. This is useful to download or delete multiple files at once.

If your firm often works with matters that have more than one contact, such as a married couple, you may prefer one contact or the other to be listed as the primary name on the matter in your CRM. You can now easily change the main contact on a matter from within the platform. 

Simply click the arrow icon highlighted in the image below, and then select from existing contacts in your CRM. 

Once you select a different contact, the name on the matter (Thomas Jefferson in the example above) will change to the newly selected contact.

The same goes for company matters, click the arrow and then select from any companies in your CRM. This new feature helps you keep your CRM organized and accurate so that you can always find your matters with ease.


What is the difference between the contact and matter profile?
The contact profile will only show contact related information, such as phone number, email address, birthdate, etc. You will not see any of the matter-related fields or activities on the contact profile.
What if I have a married couple as my client?
We suggest choosing one member of the couple to be the main contact on the matter. You will then add the spouse into the system as a  contact (rather than as their own matter), and then use the relationships section on the matter to link the spouse's contact to the matter. You can feel free to put both spouses names in the case title so that you can easily identify the matter as pertaining to both people.
Why don't I see the Send Email button on a matter's profile?
If you don't see the Send Email button, make sure that you have an email address populated on that matter. To do this, click Edit at the bottom right, and then locate the Email field, found in the Contact Information section. Once you populate a Primary Email, you will be able to access the Send Email button on the matter's profile.
Why won't the system let me save the Details page after making edits?
If you are trying to populate fields on the matter's details page, and nothing happens when you click the save button at the bottom, there is likely a data validation error. If this situation occurs, start scrolling through the details page and look for any fields outlined in RED. You will see an error message listed in red, make the necessary corrections and then you should be able to save successfully.